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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sell Your Stuff

According to Daily Finance, consignment stores, Craigslist and eBay are great ways to earn a little extra cash from things you no longer need. However, each has a pretty special formula making the sell. Here’s what Daily Finance suggests:
  • Consignment Stores – The products that sell best in this environment are clothing, scarves, shoes and handbags from stores like American Eagle, Banana Republic and Macy’s. Also, expensive or vintage furniture and jewelry. Children’s toys also seem to do well in consignment stores.
  • Craigslist – Furniture, baby carriages, cars, lawnmowers and other similar, practically unshippable items sell best on here. Use safety precautions when meeting strangers and accept cash only. Bonus tip: Take good quality photos of your items outdoors or in a bright room.
  • eBay – Expensive or vintage clothes, shoes and accessories in great condition. Gaming systems and rare or collectible items are also good sells. Bonus tip: Begin the bidding at 99¢.

Quick Savings

Need some quick ways to save for that vacation? Try these methods:
  • Skip the unhealthy soda once a week, and order water instead. Not only will it save you $104 annually, but it’s also healthier!
  • Boneless, skinless chicken may be easier to cook and enjoy, but by picking up bone-in chicken, you could save $613 per year.
  • Purchase generic brands instead of big name items and you might save up to $1176 in a year.

Discover Credit Card Scams, Schemes and Dreams

Offers from credit card companies are often too good to be true. For example:
  • Transfer balances from your other credit cards at zero percent interest. You may be paying off transferred balances at "zero" interest, but you're still accruing interest at levels of 14.99% or higher on new.
  • Use the enclosed checks to obtain extra cash. These are “cash advances,” which have a higher interest rate and no grace period; and you are also charged a fee of 2- 4% of the amount advanced.
  • Open a store credit card today and save 10% on this purchase. Store cards generally have a higher interest rate than bank cards.

Diminish Debt

Spring clean some of that stressful debt out of your life. It’s costing you, literally, so why keep it around? There are hundreds of ways to pay down your debt, it just takes a little self-control, will and maybe some sacrifice. However, the result is undeniably worth the slight pain involved in changing your lifestyle. Follow these tips to diminish you debt:
  1. Avoid late fees by, get this, paying your bill on time! This will also improve your credit score and possibly even give you a confidence boost.
  2. Stop spending. Use your credit cards solely for emergency purposes, not impulse-buys. Many suggest that you wait thirty days before spending money on an unnecessary item. Also, find other ways to cut down on mandatory costs, such as reducing your electric bill.
  3. Determine a budget and stick to it! The rewards will be found in your reduced debt, ease of mind and maybe even your bank account.

Money-Saving Tips