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Monday, June 18, 2018

How to Keep More Cool Cash (in a Hot Summer)

Before your cooling system kicks into high gear, take a look at how to save money this summer and keep your cool. You’ll like these…
  • Set your thermostat at 78°F or higher. Each degree setting below 78°F will increase your energy consumption by approximately 8%.
  • Use bath and kitchen fans sparingly when the air conditioner is operating. They can pull out an entire home’s cooling in one hour.
  • Inspect and clean both the indoor and outdoor coils. The indoor coil is like a magnet because it is constantly wetted during the cooling season. Dirt buildup on the indoor coil is the single most common cause of poor efficiency. The outdoor coil must also be checked for dirt buildup and cleaned if necessary.
  • Check the refrigerant level. The circulating fluid in your air conditioner is what keeps you cool. But like most things under pressure, it tries to escape! If there’s too little or too much refrigerant, your system will not work properly. Call us to check it out for you.

Water, Water Everywhere

Seeing condensation buildup on your window signals that steps need to be taken to reduce humidity in the home. When you have energy-efficient windows, the temperature of the glass helps reduce condensation buildup, but it will not prevent the buildup. Homeowners should look for windows with the highest R-values possible along with the lower U-values. R-value is the resistance a material has to heat flow. And, U-values give better insulating quality. Together, that means a more condensation-resistant window.

Summer Energy Myth Revealed

Myth: Turn off the A/C while you’re out. If you’re out all day with the A/C off, it takes a lot of work for a central A/C system to bring a hot house down to the desired temperature. Yet it’s even more wasteful to keep it running for eight hours. The answer: Invest in a programmable thermostat, which can let the house warm a little through the day, then gradually lowers it to the right level before you return.

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